Reviews for "Finding That Something Special"


To say at least. Strange beginning. An unanswered phonecall for no reason catched with a tad of wind...Anyways...like stated in the summary, this was fairly interesting. The soundquality of the tune was on a high level for sure and I enjoyed the changes you did thar. A bit repetitive for my taste but it's ambient stuff and it should underline something certain.

The vox were you I assume? They were nice in my opinion, well fitting for an monologue. Overall, I say...Sweet job to this pitbulljones! :)

5/5 from me!

pitbulljones responds:

Hey man many thanks for the review. hehe yea i intended for the long drawn out odd beginning, it's cost me some bit depth just to have it but what the heck. An unanswered phonecall, i'd never have thought that, but imagery is something i want my listeners to take from a tune so thats cool.

I was really worried about the compression involved when mixing this tune down, going down to 96kbps is never good but surprisingly as you have mentioned it's held up, i've had right disasters quality wise before. I suppose it's because a lot of this is midi based, and i've used eq and comp and limiting well, rather than throwing em in just to get volume.

Yea i do make kinda repetitive tunes, it's a problem of mine as i want vocals over the track, which would be the final layer to keep the repetition away a bit, but i have limited vocal talent sadly.

Yep the vocals are me, with my mancunian tones, I did that in one take, on the fly....nice to do a bit of acting as i havn't done in a while. I'm glad you like them, as it was very much a gamble to do it, seems it's paid off.

Thanks yet again for ur words, i'll hit you back as i noticed you have a new tune up.



I thought this to be quite the sex kitten...very fun, very interesting, very abstract. Awesome! You got my 5, my download, and my love!! giggle. My only complaint is that the intro synth/ radar effect noise was a little too much and at higher volumes, a little annoying. Regardless, I still like the song.

pitbulljones responds:

Haha this tune be sexing you up? You pervert!!!!! XD. glad you can take so many things from it, sort of flew this tune, which is always good when producing, rather than slaving away. yea i hear you about that opening synth, no headphones sadly so i do miss bits like that from time to time. No problems to and it's duely noted.

thanks for the 5 and review.


Nice synth work, monologue and crunching drums.

I can see where some people might think the intro is a bit long but I thought it was fine. Due to the length of the piece, it does seems a little repetitive in spots - only a bit though. Maybe next time around you should add a break every 4 bars or so to keep it a little more fresh. I guess we could talk about the psychology of that as well - by adding a break or two here in there to make a few bars stand out, you might be able to reinforce the message of the monologue - the breaks representing a person here and there that somehow stands out from the rest... I dunno - nevermind me man...

The drums were certainly nice & crunchy but they could have been a bit sharper - they felt good but a little distant... if that makes sense... Perhaps decreasing the density of the piece might have helped. Not sure how you could go about that though - maybe a gate with some aggressive settings...

I did like the monologue though, it broke the piece up nicely and te reversed reverb on it here and there gave it a sort of dreamy or even dissociative feeling. I've always been a fan of that effect on prose. :)

Overall, I think you could have taken a chance or two and pushed it just a little more, musically - but even where it sits, it's worth a 5/5 from me.

Great job mate!


from about 1:00 to 2:30 was excellent! It would fit very well! Im sorry that you arent getting more exposure. I would like more exposure too :/

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for the review. Guess you like the opening sequence then? What would it fit well to though? yea i don't think anyone gets as much exposure as they deserve on here. The only way thatd work would be to have a very strong and large audio community, frequenting the forums and liasing with the flash section more. Won't happen. Shame ain't it as there are some truly phenomenal musicians on here with barely a review. I'm known by the people i want to be known about and i do have a couple of fans too, just a couple though. Thanks again.


Kinda weird, but cool.

It sort of switches moods, it's weird, it sort of makes you feel like your'e in different environments at different points in the song, very creative. =)

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for the review man. Yea does shift moods don't it, twas intentional to make a slow middle section. catch u all off guard haha.