Reviews for "Finding That Something Special"

Have to agree on the intro

It's a really nice piece in itself without your eardrum ringing like you just got done with a hearing test. Great job all in all, gave it a 4


The intro to this bugger was a bit irritating at times. Highpitched sinewaves stressing on the left ear.. ahah. Bu the rest of the tunes surlely makes up for the rest.

Don't get me wrong I thought the intro was pretty cool. The "first part" as you call it was great. Nice pads conflicting drums, come together nicely. Interesting little quirks and beeps in there.

The second part completely changes the song. I really liked the monologue bit, reminds me of mogwai, but with less guitar and delay. Great poetic lyrics.. .yeah nice :D

Ending works out nice and brings back the first part of the song. Overall great work Pitbull. Your one of my faves on this damn site ;D


pitbulljones responds:

hey sine' yea tis a bit drawn out that opening, suppose you have to think as if it was on an album track, i don't think the track would be at a loss without it, but it does have you second guessing. it really 'flew'this track, no messing about once i got running it kept going, love it when that happens. as mentioned previously i really aimed to make that contrast. between the beat and the mid section. I'm glad people are appreciating that part as it was a real gmable to go with my words. Mogwai...cool.

it makes me smile inside knowing that i bring joy to people with my music, always nice to be liked aint it. just incase anyways can't make out what im say too i'll put it here.

Thanks man pm me with owt you need reviewing


'Have you ever looked in someones eyes and known, seen something, that....it's just right.

and.... you can't put your finger on it.... You can't....understand it.......but it's there and it's real. You know what i mean?

I look at other people sometimes and i see things very differently.

Always in two's, always in pairs, holding hands....smiling....smiling....

there's not a care in the world for anyone else except them two.

it's special, so remember that, something special.'

good show

gnarly buildup... nice sound and feel when it comes in proper. ambient bit with the speaky is nice, 'know what i mean'... poetry:/
yeh, u noes it, is a wicked track

pitbulljones responds:

yarrrrr ped'. hehe aint made a 'long' tune for a while so its nice to be able to strect meself again. Liking me manc tones again haha, Innit. i wouldn't go as far as saying it's poetry, i did it in one take on the fly, got me acting shoes on.

ta man

Kinda weird, but cool.

It sort of switches moods, it's weird, it sort of makes you feel like your'e in different environments at different points in the song, very creative. =)

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for the review man. Yea does shift moods don't it, twas intentional to make a slow middle section. catch u all off guard haha.



from about 1:00 to 2:30 was excellent! It would fit very well! Im sorry that you arent getting more exposure. I would like more exposure too :/

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for the review. Guess you like the opening sequence then? What would it fit well to though? yea i don't think anyone gets as much exposure as they deserve on here. The only way thatd work would be to have a very strong and large audio community, frequenting the forums and liasing with the flash section more. Won't happen. Shame ain't it as there are some truly phenomenal musicians on here with barely a review. I'm known by the people i want to be known about and i do have a couple of fans too, just a couple though. Thanks again.