Reviews for "Jew Fun 2000"


this is exactly what we need just a little more of on here. funny shyte that yoyu really don't need to think for! lets save this flash for all those out there looking for something better to do than stare at another "kill them all" game!

hell for such a good thing

this has a pretty bad score. dumbasses dont know good clean flash :)

Not half bad

At least you made the rules right!
At last a movie that includes the word "Jew" in its title and doesn't make fun of such!
And guess what: IT'S THE ONLY ONE WITH A LOW SCORE!!!!


its funny cuz i'm a jew...well i'm not but....its funny cuz jews are funny...looking

It's post-modern, guys!

See, it's so bad it's awesome! Plus it's the dog-guy from the Toxic Crusaders cartoon! How the hell ya gonna beat that, eh?

And it's fun for Jews!