Reviews for "-(WB)-Last Castle"

you rock

this song is really cool, you must be some kind of master in music to make this song!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111/

AWESOME 10/10!

The Theme is EPIC! I love it! 10/10

Hmm.. :D

This is one awesome piece of shit Lol, the only thing that u must change is the kicks in some very heavy drum or something like that it would fit much better
I hope ull win a t-shirt :)

Be sure to review my song to :) :D

Grtz ~ m-3

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review, and thanks for thinking I should win a t-shirt, but alas, that was not the case. The competiton was high quality, and the winners were well deserved, and I was an inexperienced musician at the time.



I only really would have to say is that, i agree with m3ss on the kicks. Also when the snare comes in to full throttle, and is playing the same time as the claps, there is such a huge range of frequency between them, it sounds very akward, i would suggest mixing them different, but hey, im not the music pro here, you are so i'll just shut my mouth..

WritersBlock responds:

Me, music pro? Nah, thanks for the review though. If only I had an epic orchestral drum kit at the time I made this... lol, thanks.

It's really good

Too bad that Paladin had the actual final battle music created just for the game. By the final battle music I mean the song that plays when the Wizard crawls out of the chest. Your song is awesome, no offense but there is no beating that song. But this is really good. Did you win a t-shirt though?