Reviews for "Looking up at a Jungle Canopy"


that is so beutiifull!! i'm in awe!


this is great work realy well done. the colours and lighting used realy makes the art stand out. is refreshing to see somthing of just scenery and natural serenity.
i would like to see more =D

Fractal collage

This piece to me looks like you've made 3-4 fractals and then chopped them about to make a better piece from all of them. This is where people really can use these programs well for superb results.

I think that the way you've done it, the sky / tree canopy overhead does look like a baby cauliflower or cabbage, but it looks very effective. I cannot say how impressed I was once I clicked it to full size, as this truly does become an amazing work. Even the Avatar-like spirit / dandelion seeds look as if they really fit in, which at first I was confused about, since the forests there were darker and had more phosphorescent lifeforms and so much more plant life that getting a clearing like that would be difficult at best.

Keep up this work, though I would like to see you diversify a little away from the fractals, as it will get you noticed more, which is no less than you deserve!

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EchoRun responds:

Well, actually it was 8 fractal, but, hay, who is counting. :P

Thank you for the review. :)

I thought of Avatar...

And I never watched the movie. :P

One should view this at full size to get a really good appreciation to the amount of detail that went into it. IâEUTMll start with what appears closer to me then IâEUTMll work my way back to the top of the canopy.

I love the amount of detail that went into the vegetation here. This part of the picture would almost look real if it was mixed in with a real picture of a jungle. ThatâEUTMs great art there all around.

Moving back a little you see the animals and little particles floating around. There could be one argument about these two things, but itâEUTMs not much of one at all. They are just so uniformed the way they are spread out. I think itâEUTMs pretty important to have things in your picture placed randomly. Perhaps that means putting one closer to the other, or putting one half way out of frame or something. Like I said though, this isnâEUTMt a big deal at all, just something that IâEUTMve picked up from looking at art.

The furthest location of the picture is very detailed, but almost doesnâEUTMt fit with the rest of the picture. I donâEUTMt know how to explain what I mean, but itâEUTMs simply not as realistic as the parts that you had closer up.

The last complaint, again if you can call it that, would be the lack of in between things. This picture portrays that there are two levels; the front and the back. Perhaps there could have been more in between branches or things to really add to the picture.

All of these things being said really doesnâEUTMt stop me from giving you a 10. IâEUTMm the type of person that tries to find every fault that they can with a piece of art even when I donâEUTMt think it can get much better, because itâEUTMs those things that will help people out.

ItâEUTMs an amazing picture all around. IâEUTMm still a big fan. Keep up the amazing work. :) Also, you should think about taking up animation. You already have the art aspect down, you could create some nice award winning flashes or get a job doing professional animating.

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EchoRun responds:

Thank you!

You do have a point with the floaty bits being too uniform - I didn't pay it any attention 'till you pointed it out.

Thank you for the lovely review. ^^


This picture looks really nice. The trees at the borders of the canvas create a very nice atmosphere for this picture.

However, at first I thought I was "looking down" on top of some trees rather than "looking up". But we can see the trees at the borders from below... so maybe we are really looking up?
Anyway, this question is really interesting while looking at this picture as it creates a nice effect: I'm looking down AND up at the same time!
A very surrealistic feeling and I don't know if this really was intended by you when you created this pic, but I like the "surrealism" of this work nevertheless. :D

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EchoRun responds:


The thing with the main fractal in this image (the background piece), is it is one of those where people don't always see the same thing - I see light shining through leaves above, other people may see a mossy floor. So doing it up like this was always going to be a tad odd - I got that same looking up and looking down at the same time while I was making it. Odd, but cool. :P