Reviews for "Looking up at a Jungle Canopy"

Fractal collage

This piece to me looks like you've made 3-4 fractals and then chopped them about to make a better piece from all of them. This is where people really can use these programs well for superb results.

I think that the way you've done it, the sky / tree canopy overhead does look like a baby cauliflower or cabbage, but it looks very effective. I cannot say how impressed I was once I clicked it to full size, as this truly does become an amazing work. Even the Avatar-like spirit / dandelion seeds look as if they really fit in, which at first I was confused about, since the forests there were darker and had more phosphorescent lifeforms and so much more plant life that getting a clearing like that would be difficult at best.

Keep up this work, though I would like to see you diversify a little away from the fractals, as it will get you noticed more, which is no less than you deserve!

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EchoRun responds:

Well, actually it was 8 fractal, but, hay, who is counting. :P

Thank you for the review. :)


This looks amazing very good work.


this is great work realy well done. the colours and lighting used realy makes the art stand out. is refreshing to see somthing of just scenery and natural serenity.
i would like to see more =D


that is so beutiifull!! i'm in awe!


Really nice and detailed.