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Reviews for "The Mourning Leopard"


this is the best work from Pox that I've seen

Overall that kicked so much ass

But what this story is saying is that as soon as he kills his food he feels bad and than for two weeks and five days he mourns and than goes to repent for his crime but being so hungry he kills the ones he came to apoligise to than mourns agin and the vicious cycle begins sooo how in the hell did he make it that far in his life and wouldnt he be dead already from starvaton I mean he never eats his victims but I must say I almost pissed myself laughing

I agree with the previous dude

DUDE! this totally rocks


awsome man, fucking awsome, that rules. make more please! all your movies are hilarious! this is really cool!

make more!

the pygme shrew is your best piece of work but this wasnt far off! you are ranked amongst my most favourite authors on newgrounds so thanks very much. please please make more and lemme know if you are working on any more projects dude byu replying to this review if ya can. cheers. peace

POX responds:

Really glad you like it. At the moment I'm working on a short animated film for the British Film Council, which should be finished in December. And together with Mark (voice of the Shrew) and Nick and the guys at Pesky I will be pitching a second series of the Amazing Adrenalini Brothers (check them out at Adrenalini.com) at Cartoon Forum in Italy in September. Cheers mate!