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Reviews for "The Mourning Leopard"

Another great cartoon

I was wondering how you could get as pitiful as a creature that died so quickly. You made this hilarious by making it being done from the view of a predator. Apart from the fact that the animation is great, this is something I wonder. People often give anthromorphic features to animals. If so, do these intelligent animals ever feel sorry for the animals they have killed? While it wasn't anthromorphic, it was definitley worth it here.

While there isn't that much in terms of shading, the coloring is fantastic. It really makes you feel sorry for a guy feeling sorry for what he's killed! I like how the leopard goes to evil to sad so quickly. The voice was great, because it gave a great sense of being part of a fake documentary. It's more enjoyable than "African Cats", not that that wasn't a good movie.