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Reviews for "Her Favourite place"

the physical logistics

of this scene's location in time and space are blowing my mind, but I'm not going to say it isn't a pretty well done piece of art just for that

the style and subject [naked mutant furries] isn't exactly what's up my street in terms of what I enjoy in art, but I'll definitely say that it's technically impressive, and the blue color scheme is very easy on the eye

also I am additionally impressed that you pulled off a very passable illustration of a galaxy (one of the most deceptively difficult things to draw ever, in my opinion), although the central high-activity region seems to have the shape texture of a huge blob of whipped cream

just so I don't have to start writing any full stops, here's a new line just to end this review; zzzzzxxxxxcccccc

This is cool!

She's beautiful! I love the background and the texture the most. Keep up the good work!

AimeeL responds:

=) thanks! im glad you find her pretty >w< lol i will kepp up the good work! soon >.>


it reminds me of the forest spirit from pincess monenoke

AimeeL responds:

ive never heard of that but i looked it up and lol wtf? doesnt look anything like it XD


I simply beautiful piece. I really love the galaxy background. It fits the character because both are otherworldly, in a way. As for Aquarian herself, she looks very nice and detailed. Fur patterns and anatomy are excellent here.

Nice job.

AimeeL responds:

Thank you! im glad you took the time to give me a detailed response for this piece =D


This picture is amazing, everything is so detailed, you really did a great job creating this picture. Its awesome

AimeeL responds:

=D thank you XD i cant believe i managed that level of detail in 4 days