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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"


Well... Things I have to say about this movie... Well personally (no offense) I think that it wasn't funny(not like I'm offended by the content or something...just not funny). BUT it had astounding graphics and sound. The style I guess is a 7 because thinking of that whole movie must have been hard but basing it all on asses wasn't that hard to do... I think it was a waste of time and effort but they did good. The reason I think it is a waste of time and effort is because it was just stupid... They could have done something amazing about finalfantasy or something funny or something better with the graphics and effort but they did some asswarp thing :P. Well anyhow I'm not trying to insult anyone I'm just reviewing it so the people who watch it before me can know what it is about before they load it. I gave it an 8 as an overal score because with graphics and sound like that it NEEDS an 8. Well good job.



heh 6 megs, wow. i just had to say it was kinda gross. a hole bunch of cheerleaders with dicks. song was pretty messed but the dancing was pretty funny. the hole movie was just messed. but the effort that was put in was good so i give you an 8.

Potpourri of strangness

I enjoyed the silly little references peppered throughout the flash movie, however I thought the constant ass fucking references got a bit repetitive.

Some parts I thought were hilarious:

1. Alf with the cats racing out of his ass.
2. Fuk Dat Ash (hmmmmm, sounds like a good idea ;) )
3. The B&D S&M Burt and Ernie. The masqued rubber duckie was a nice touch.
4. Oh and the Hello, Jello, J.Lo Chello thing was pretty funny too.

Things I thought looked cool

1. Myk Ranger and James Marshall's zombies.

2. The way the dancers were so well synchronized to the beat of the song.

I liked the Thriller bit better than the Rocky Horror bit.

Overall it was a nice sampling of various cartoon talents.


pretty good! its very funny! i can tell lots of effort was put in!


I'm not quite big on Newgrounds celebrities, really, so most of the cameos went unnoticed. I suppose that's where I miss out, because I honestly don't think this deserves a rating about 4.00.

It's overly-lengthy (only stories that hold your attention should be made long in flash) and changes its "type" of presentation too much. It makes you feel like you're watching multiple Flash movies in succession rather than one whole Flash movie. That's just very poor style.Honestly, this should get around a 3.70. The music itself was some pretty good stuff, but only for the first half of the flash movie. The graphics were very nicely done, but the animation was lacking flare necessary to make a music video of this type (or any of the multiple types this Flash movie goes through). In regards to your low Humor score: it's a decent video, but nothing above a "heh."

As stated above, this is a decent video, but for all the work that was put into it, that's all it is: decent.