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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

Another NG Classic

You know it's a classic when you view it five times in a row and see a new, funny thing you missed during the previous viewings. Being an RHPS fan myself, I wondered in the back of my head if the title had anything to do with it...I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the familiar opening scene. Its about time someone did a Rocky Parody. If Shock Treatment had any good songs (It depends on what you call "good") I'd tell you to do them, but chances are very few here would understand it. Great job, gave it a 5.

This is what it's about.

Animations like this is what made me try flash for myself in the first place. It's not just the art. It's the action script, the animation, the...I don't think I have to explain it all.

It was fantastic. :) I applaud the work you all must have put into it.

That was awesome...

My only complaint is that there wasn't enough music to see all the graphics, so all the scenes I wanted to watch forever ended in a flash.
And I really miss the old breakdancing Pico we used to get after voting. This was a nice quiet bring-back thingy.



Now that was one phucking awesome comeback ov FDA since I have seen Taint Of Love. You guys phucking kick ass I support FDA. FDA ALL DAY BABY!!!!!! KEEP IT UP PHUCK YEAH!!!

It was so freakin long and good

I couldn't watch anymore.It had the characters here. Good Job.