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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"


okay first off Fuck Fury5677 for what all he had to say,.. he can't realised that you guys are poking fun at what some people do,...

anywho I still like Taint of Love better,.. but this was a good one too keep up the good work...


Alot of effort went into this, i can see, and it all payed off. Great movie, original and exceptional graphics and illistrations, best yet. Keep up the great work guys, amke more!!!!!!!!

Best FDA movie i have ever seen!!!!

God christ that MotherF***** ROCKS DUDE'


That was fucked up...I LOVED IT!!!

Hehe.... Funny

Thats funny. I like the part at the beginning. With the Jello, J-Lo, and trhe Chello and stuff. The song sounds kinda familiar did you make it as a paradody or another song? It would have been funny if it was an bouncing ass instead of a bird and peoples heads. But really funny though.