Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

Kinda of a waste

Some of the style and animation showed promise. The problem is that it was dumped into a project that isn't very funny, and is pretty boring. The jokes fell flat, the timing was drawn out and defeating. The references were inane, the parodies were equally mindless. If it weren't for the creative style that poked its head through out the cartoon, I'd say that this was animation completely devoid of worthwhile efforts. If you are going to spend this much time on something couldn't you at least try to make it good? If this latest FDA has been two years in the making, I shudder to think what the past ones looked like.

It was okay until........

you started to rip on George W. Bush. I thought that was total crap right there to put your political views into the video. Anybody who can't support our president is an asshole who is poorly informed as to why he does what he is doing. I seriously doubt that Al Gore could have done better. I also seriously doubt that YOU could do any better. Well, now that I have said my part, I shall go. Oh yeah, I also think it is rather cowardly that we are only allowed to write one review and we can't respond to any crap that the "artist" throws back at us. So go ahead and take advantage of it.

Kinda stale

The effort is apparent in this. I just couldn't see the humour other than the beginning. Also, the immense proportion of this file just fucked my IE off to never never land and I actually had to restart.

Good animation, bad idea.


Weird, My High Speed Cable, Comcast, Can not finish this movie, i pressed refresh, nothing happened. Well at least you can make flash movies,it probaly is great but my computers really cheap. I cannot do flashes. I get frustarated and quit... I'll give this a 5 anyway...

Light Voter,

This thing is way to big!

With they way ng has been running lately, 6mb is way too much for one flash. I couldn't even download the damn thing. I would reccomend splitting it into two peices or lobbying for extra bandwidth for ng. I'm sure they can afford it with a couple more porn links.