Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

This is what it's about.

Animations like this is what made me try flash for myself in the first place. It's not just the art. It's the action script, the animation, the...I don't think I have to explain it all.

It was fantastic. :) I applaud the work you all must have put into it.

always good

a bit much goin on for me personally, but still great and funny. and like the video said... this joke has been going on a longggg time


this is one of the funniest things i have seen on NG so i am giving this all 10s. I hope the next one is even better.


This is by far the best damn thing I have EVER seen on this site. Unfuckingbelievable!!!! OMG, I can;t type....must calm down, must study the movie...must become as good a flash artist as these guys.

Outstanding, this is classic, a true masterpiece and the reason I come back to this site. Thank you.


Ok...first...BAdass. Now i want to go find all your other movies and songs. That kicked mega montours ass. Keeop up the wonderously kickass shyt.