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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

Wow, Rocky Horror much?

Hehe... this was pretty funny, good job with all the cameos. Didn't think the Bush-bashing was all that funny, but the rest of it ruled.


Absolutly great, the only flaw i could find was the thrill-her intro went on way too long.... Apart from that I salute you FTA!

Newgrounds and its affiliates really outdid it =)

This is by far, one of the best submissions ive ever seen on newground, like the top 5 on my list, if anyone votes low on this, after all the work, and all the artists combined to make this, they are just simple minded stuck up ass fucks, or colon cowboys =), Outstanding Job to everyone who benifited, supported, created, and made this to what it is today, I give you all 5 stars, congratulations!


This is so fuckin hilarious, anal gyration holy shit this is great, if u got a slow dial up connection, its worht the wait ull be wettin ur pants

Mind blowing

First i want to say its cool i love it but
why do i see so many dicks in this thing sure i
a couple of pussys but there was so many dicks witch i dint like But i still thought it was great