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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

Now THIS is what FLASH should be

What is there to say when the movie speaks for itself. This is the kind of flash that everyone should be aimong for. Funny well animated and original. I am blown away - keep up the good work guys!

Not very funny

Technicaally, it's quite nice.
But the humor is not funny.
And the mandatory looking of the about at the beginning shouldn't be.

The music wasn't that good...

The music wasn't that good, but seeing all those characters from different professional artists sure was great!


I think sex humor is over done and unoriginal myself, plus the song was annoying as well. Not that it was bad, but it turned me off with the excessive shit in it. I guess maybe I might be gay or something, but i don't find penis and butt humor funny.


I'm not quite big on Newgrounds celebrities, really, so most of the cameos went unnoticed. I suppose that's where I miss out, because I honestly don't think this deserves a rating about 4.00.

It's overly-lengthy (only stories that hold your attention should be made long in flash) and changes its "type" of presentation too much. It makes you feel like you're watching multiple Flash movies in succession rather than one whole Flash movie. That's just very poor style.Honestly, this should get around a 3.70. The music itself was some pretty good stuff, but only for the first half of the flash movie. The graphics were very nicely done, but the animation was lacking flare necessary to make a music video of this type (or any of the multiple types this Flash movie goes through). In regards to your low Humor score: it's a decent video, but nothing above a "heh."

As stated above, this is a decent video, but for all the work that was put into it, that's all it is: decent.