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Reviews for "FDA - ASSWARP"

...Pretty low...even for NG

Alrite i'll start it off like this..notice the 6.5 mb file size.That off the bat is a downer exspecially for the content inside.The first 2 minutes of loading is filled w/ a mini information loader cut of creators.Then after you watch the bar for a mindless 3-5 minutes(not even half way done)you find out you ARE FORCED to read some idiotic information that is irrelevent\retarded/and possibly just stuck their to torture you.After this,you wait more tyme to wait for the this movie(it comes on and MORE information on makers.)The alright graphics come on that appear hand made and a scene lacking sense coems on and it''s ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL down hill f/ their.Now some people bytch that FDA is part of the original NG and w/ did u watch it if u hate NG,the creators, and patrons.....well,you see a headliner on the main page,click it, see the nice high rating and assume wow this must be good....then are drawn in to mindless crap(THAT IS WHY)......lacking any sense,in depth orinization, or a plot to WHY this is happening.As for a review,we as viewers are encouraged to write our feelings as gold members and show our opinion\feelings on what is wrong\right w/ the film.It appears for this here film..that the high ratings are assiocated with NG roots plot,NG related makers(let's bow down and SO NO disrespect for the creators::blah::,and jus mutual feelings not to hurt this individual(the 21 in this case) who made it......or the NG audience has degraded to 8 yr olds who giggle at seeing a private part\parody, or NG related thing(in mass majority).This is my opinion and others are in all means subject to disagree or agree,I just wish for my opinion to be spoken and hopefulyl someone will read this and have an understanding of how another felt on the movie\or a preview of how another felt b4 seeing it.Thanx you

YUK!!!but sorta funny

to me that really sucked but it was sorta funny BUT it was so gross i had to turn the goddam cartoon off I MEAN THE CHEERLEADERS HAD DICKS AND THEY WERE GIRLS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. that was sick and i hope to never see some stupid cartoon like that in an eternity not that i will live that long. Why in the world did you make something like that when you could have made something just like it but isnt as sick i mean it looked like a porn video gone HORRIBLY wrong

to jadacyrus..

In case ou didn't notice, FDA was part of the original newgrounds. if you don't like newgrounds, its animators, and its patrons why are you still coming here? that seems rather brianless to me. If it bothers you so damn much don't watch it and don't review it. Simple choice no need to call names and be a jerk and all. thank you very much and may things like FDA and all things that mean newgrounds live on.


That was just f-in awesome man.

fuckin awesome man

it didn't make any sense, but it didn't matter- the best falsh on newgrounds