Reviews for "-Orr- Four Brave Champions"

EpicEpicEpicEpicEpicEpicEpicEpicEpic cool song


I plan to make a Let's Play of this game at some point in the future and would like to ask, may I keep this music in my Let's Play or would you appreciate if I removed it.

With kind regards
-DragonCats Does Gaming N Stuff

DavidOrr responds:


You've got my permission (As do all let's players); if you do get a content ID flag, just send me the youtube URL and I'll clear it. Or feel free to send it to me before it goes public so I can proactively clear it. Cheers!


Well damn, didn't realize that you were the one who made this theme. Then again, with how catchy and brilliant it is, I'm not surprised. Good job!

Gives me the energy to kill everyone on the screen!

I think the music is epic. Good combination of sounds.