Reviews for "-Orr- Four Brave Champions"

6th 10 i've ever given!

yay! First to review!

It's finally here, and ready for the awesome debut!

This song is super catchy, super energetic, simple, yet very powerful.

They sound freakin sweet on these bass headphones as well.

I don't have any criticism for you David. But this is one of my favorite tunes ever from you, and having heard it, gives me the energy to give the last 9 days blistering hell! I'll see you on the battle field sir, keep up the good fight and the great work!

DavidOrr responds:

Always great to hear from you Maestro! I never tested the piece on headphones (wicked big mistake :X) so it's good to hear that it sounds good on the ol' 'phones.

I'll see you on the battle field as well, and (if I work quickly) may have another quick piece up my sleve >:)

Thanks for the review!