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Reviews for "Fractured"

i love this :D

Just heard this on Newgrounds Radio. Amaaazing track, wow! That was just amazing.


Oh man. I hope it's healed by now! I love the emotional appeal of the piano at the beginning and the sense of build into :44. The sound design really captures the flurry of emotion I'd imagine you felt. The mix is very loud and clear here, if a tad over-compressed. The bridge at 2:30-ish is effective at channeling the energy, but doesn't add much to the piece harmonically imo. I like the bassy riffs towards the end (3:00-ish), and I found it fitting that you brought back the piano at the very end. The variations at 4:08 are also really nice, and there's some evocative filtering in there too. Nice work overall, MegaSphere! Really hope you get better soon.

What a hit MegaSphere! Always the best of the best as expected from you :D