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Reviews for "Where is My Mind"


i loved your style, keep up with the great job!


I just love this picture!

The colors and everything are just fantastic. I think that she's cute, lol =3
Also as mentioned before it has that Dr. Seuss that vibe that just wraps it up in nice little bow.

This would make a cool poster... you should totally ask tom about it.



new look.

very cool style dude haven't seen much art like this before it is really refreshing style!


The drawnings, the colours chosen theres no much i can add this is just great.

Hmm...is this orginal or based on something?...

I love your art form but if I'm not mistaken...it seems one foot is just a bit different hue from the other...unless that was ment to be a darker hue because its not in direct sunlight..ah I guess I'm just nitpickin.

DirkErik-Schulz responds:


And the one foot is darker, because it it is not in direct sunlight.