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Reviews for "*Eternal Dragons*"


wow this is kinda my song well i like my songs with a little well u know all ppl r different so this kinda is like sort of "mellow' i like my songs with les "mellow' u know the 0:17 is kinda my type but 0:32 is like high pitch wich i dont exactly like but in all i luv this 10/10!


Rockin fast paced music

Eternally Awsome

This song is freakin awsome duuuuuuude!!!!


this guy in ur song went buaghhh, had me laughing for hours. aaaanyways, I'm supposed to be doing my history project thats in for tomorrow, but i cant be bothered doing it. so instead, I'm listening to you. If i ever host a rave, I know what songs to play :)


i could totally pictured this song as an rpg intro this song rocks