Reviews for "PICO DAY 2019 ENTRY -"Endless Handbag""

Only 17 and already so talented :0 This is good stuff man, keep it up.

Portal Newgrounds ;)

Oh yes, the "Child running around and holding a gun", a classic one. Not to forget the "Drunk alien". Also, my personal favorite, "Crazy carnivorous robot ninja that has a bleeding nose". And, last but not least, "Creepy smiling dude that is trying to grab you". All these are part of the classic NG collection.

Ooo, spoopy. I really like the style you went for here, actually a bit terrifying. I really like the way you did the characters, though. A lot of them are at least kinda maniacs, after all. Love the lighting and the particles, they really add to the realism. Utter chaos and such solidity in the characters. Fantastic tribute, man. Happy Pico Day!

I think we have a winner

DeimosArt responds:

there are alot of better ones out there! we cant be sure man xD but thanks!