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Reviews for "Mini Mischief"

Yep, always dragons with you :P.

Yet another amazing work of art. I'm always impressed by your submissions, and this is no exception. Amazing job, this is just excellent.

The colours were well chosen on the whole. Loved the colours of the dragon, and the colour of the keys was great too. Colours were fantastic, and I can say the same thing for the shading, which was also superb. The dragon's shadow was great, and so was all the other shading, especially on the wings. Texture was spot on, although MAYBE (could be just me), the dragon's skin isn't scaly enough? I don't know, it just seems a little plain as it is, it needs a bit more texture to it IMO.

The concept was good, and the picture itself was drawn extremely well. I really liked how you drew the keys. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the picture, even the background was great. Don't you ever do anything wrong?

All in all, this is another excellent piece. You seriously have the power to bring dragons to life in just some pictures. Keep up the amazing work, you are sure among the best artists on NG :D.

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

Lol, I would be the first person to point out flaws with my work, particularly after I have let them sit for a while.

Thanks you for the review. :)

Review Request Club

Well nice job on this one and it makes lots of sense that you were put in the dragons group on DeviantART but what's your username? I want to follow you on Deviantwach! Sorry but that sounded wrong but here goes the review.

I saw some resemblance from that dragon's head to a human face for some reason but yeah, it just makes me think what the heck that is but nice idea altogether but you should try to board a bit more detailed because it looks pretty generic to me but this looks like it could have a story to go along with it.

The colors were used well in the right ares like the shading and the wood and the shading was fantastic too and the wing looked really nice too so good job on that too but I have to say this is pretty original because I always imagine dragons to be huge creatures that can eat you whole but why can't the dragon just burn somebody's hand a little? lol. Well here is the overall:

Well overall great job and nice piece but this isn't one of my favorites really but really good job on this but never stop drawing because you have a talent so great job!

~Review Request Club~


EchoRun responds:

My Deviant art ID is Shadowjewel. :)

I would have liked more detail too but the week time limit did, well, limit me.

And in my head dragons range from mice to mountains in size, so room for lots of variation. :P

Good pic

Hey, I remember that dragon from a different picture. I thought it was a bit bigger, but now it seems it's just a pocket dragon. ^^

It's again a very nice picture, with lots of details in it. The grain of the wood in the background looks really nice and I'm glad you didn't just copy paste one wood lath but gave every one of them a unique look.

Only thing is that the wings of the dragon are a bit too big in propotion to his body. But on the other hand, I'm no expert when it comes to dragons. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

EchoRun responds:

Yeah, I guess his wings are too big for such a little one, but I guess that is because I am used to the big ones that need the larger wings.

I have done a red dragon before, but that was different one. I know some of my designs can be kinda same-y, but I am working on some new variations, hope to get them finished soon. :)

Nice one Echo!

I like all your drawings, they're so beautiful and realistic, the dragons are simply great, you are a real artist, I love your job, you're great.

The details are awesome, the keys are well done, the dragon is very realistic, but it has a fantasy touch, what is essencial for dragons drawings... Also, the colors are great, they have life and they're beautiful, since dragons have those kind of colors... You retracted this awesomely, I'm really impressed...

The only bad thing was the background, it wasn't so detailed as the others you draw, but I see it was a quick drawing, so, I understand that you didn't have time to make it, but, it's just my opinion, I tought it was a great drawing, keep it up, Echo... I love your work!

(Review Request Club)

EchoRun responds:

Thank you! :)

Always with the dragons with you...

We need a new theme Echo! You're always doing nature and/or dragons. Let's see something different some time. :P This one.. hmm, while done very well and detailed it's almost.. boring? I don't know if that's the word I'm looking for, but it's not really one of my favorites from you. Perhaps I'm just holding you at higher standards now or something.

Like always your pictures are very detailed and they look great. There seems to be a different style from this picture and the rest of your pictures. I can't tell exactly what it is, but it seems the body/head of the dragon, the keys, and the metal key holder just don't fit with the background. Like they were made with different means or something. The wood almost looks realistic while the rest of the picture isn't so much.

Like I said before, this picture really doesn't have much going on. Perhaps adding more length and height to the picture so we can have more surroundings. For example, I imagine this in an old style kitchen for some reason and wouldn't mind seeing surroundings like pots or even a shadow of someone standing there making it seem that the dragon is sneaking behind his back.

Picture is great as it is in terms of quality, but I just wouldn't mind seeing more.

~ Review Request Club ~

EchoRun responds:

Funny thing is, old style kitchen was exactly what i had in mind when I was drawing this. I had thought about adding the sorts of details that you mentioned too, but the week time limit caught up with me, anything more would have either pushed me over the limit or would have lowered the quality of the rest of it below what I would have found acceptable to submit. Kinda annoying really.

I guess the reason the wood looks different is because I did use a different technique - hand draw some lines then smudge them into something resembling wood grain - repeat until it looks decent. The dragon and the rest of it is pure hand drawn.

Perhaps I will expand on this one in the future, maybe.