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Reviews for "Mini Mischief"

Yep, always dragons with you :P.

Yet another amazing work of art. I'm always impressed by your submissions, and this is no exception. Amazing job, this is just excellent.

The colours were well chosen on the whole. Loved the colours of the dragon, and the colour of the keys was great too. Colours were fantastic, and I can say the same thing for the shading, which was also superb. The dragon's shadow was great, and so was all the other shading, especially on the wings. Texture was spot on, although MAYBE (could be just me), the dragon's skin isn't scaly enough? I don't know, it just seems a little plain as it is, it needs a bit more texture to it IMO.

The concept was good, and the picture itself was drawn extremely well. I really liked how you drew the keys. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the picture, even the background was great. Don't you ever do anything wrong?

All in all, this is another excellent piece. You seriously have the power to bring dragons to life in just some pictures. Keep up the amazing work, you are sure among the best artists on NG :D.

-Review Request Club-

EchoRun responds:

Lol, I would be the first person to point out flaws with my work, particularly after I have let them sit for a while.

Thanks you for the review. :)

Good interpretaion

I think that the way that you've been able to conjure up this piece within a week shows that you can be really dedicated to your artwork when you stick to a project non-stop in effect. Perhaps it would be a better looking piece if you didn't make the dragon's arms and shoulders look rather human? I think that these particular muscle groups would be better suited being thinner and more athletic, as opposed to bulky, as if it had been doing miniature shoulder press.

I like the two finger like appendages on the wing joints, as they seem to add another layer to the piece in itself. With the way that this looks, there is certainly a chance to see past the image and find out why the dragon is playing with the keys. Helping a friend that is locked in a cell? Playing a prank, by hiding the master's front door key? Who can really say?

The wood does look a little plain, so perhaps put a knothole in there, just to add a little more detail to the bottom right corner, plus I'd have expected some of the keys to be different colours, since they are different lengths and each one does have a different head. Maybe these needed to be slightly more different, but I appreciate the level of detail is only held back by the time constraints.

[Review Request Club]

EchoRun responds:

I guess with those arms and shoulders, it was because I could see this guy climbing as much as flying - behind cupboards, through wall cavities, that kind of thing. Hence larger muscles. I think I did define his right shoulder a too much though, less shading there would have done a lot for it I think.

Thank you for the review. :)

Nice dragon

I love dragons and this was one of my faves on here, love the texture and detail and you put some good focol points like the keys which was a nice touch, anyways keep up the awsome dragon making

This was brilliant hope to see more of your work soon


EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)