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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

rly funny

rly funny, 8 bit is a great series anyway but this is the best of all.

ps. blam the gym teachers

Gewd Jorb

Very funny. An interesting and occasionally realistic view of a D&D game.

I've read the Nuclear Power comic and three out of the four characters show similarities to their original counterparts in he comic. The fighter is funny and in a way retarded like 'Fighter'. The black mage casts magic missle into the darkness and kills/injures someone, 'Black Mage' likes to destroy and kill/injure. 'Red Mage' is the "intelligent" one of the group, in this flash the red mage is the dungeon master, the all-knowing/all-controlling person. The thief/elf in no way resembles 'Thief' in my opinion.

That was random ranting. Good, funny flash. I like it. A fun way to make fun of D&D and Final Fantasy. Fans of both series may find this funny.


This flash has been on for a great while but everytime i watch it it still makes me laugh.

OMG it's the shit

This reminds me so much of my own D&D experiences, it's so damn funny! You should do one on the second D&D skit the Dead Alewives did.

Pretty Sweet

Its not 8-bit theatre, but it is defenatily awesome!