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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"


I love that game i would buy it but i can't because my mom won't let me because she remembered that people took the game to harsh that they killed themselfs. so i go over to my friends house to play it. this movie was cool. i will give it a 10 and a 5!

where ARE the cheetos?!?

that's awsome. the same audio track is at the end of the credits of the game summoner.

Best movie on newgrounds that I have ever seen!

I play D&D and when I saw this I couldn't help but laugh my head off! It is so much like my D&D group it is not even funny

48 Hours presents: EVIL D&D LOL!

Great use of all the sprites and what not

Awesome voice-overs, especially the dude in the kitchen(LMAO)

"But i wanna attack the darkness!"

Not much here since its a movie, but maybe put a scene select, even tho no1 uses it =\

This was hilarious, Kept me laughing Through the entire video.

"...and remember, its not your kids fault, its their gym teachers fault..." LOL!


I can relate to most of that, actually, except for the guy yelling for stuff. Very nicely done. Funny as mess.