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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

Simply stated...

To turn a skit into flash and make it look so, appropriate, gotta give him props on that.


this was one of the best ive ever seen

be more original....

Even though that is a very funny little scit. It is a skit taken from a game for the PS2 called SUMMONER. You have got to try and be original! You lost alot on overall score for copying it!!!

This is EXACTLY what my D+D adventures are like!

This is very familar to me, being a DM of 7 years, I've put up with 2+ hours of snack eating, joking, saying what we're gonna do, and generally fucking off until the actual game begins. This movie is awesome wheither u play or not tho.

Good. Funny as heck.

Great humor!