Reviews for "Baozi Size"

You have nothing to ashamed of Baozi, I like them in all sizes :)
I really like this new series you've been uploading Diives. I love the characters, the overall theme and the passion you're pouring into each of them. My favorite thing about this series is how you manage to combine cuteness and sexiness. We saw it first with Dou, and now we see it with Baozi.
Like in your other works, the color palette is delightful. The white and grey color scheme help make Baozi different from Zhima (my favorite!) and Dou; this helps make each character more unique, as well as eye-catching in all of their own ways. Another thing I like about the coloring are the different shades you chose for Baozi's eyes and fur; I really like those yellow eyes. Oh, and her little blush is adorable! Especially with that reddish-brown shade you gave to it. Last but not least about the coloring, the appliaction of shadows and lights is once again marvelous. You're very gifted in that department Diives!
Now, onto the animation: like your other entries, it is simple, but fluid and beautiful. I love that little effect Baozi's clothes have when she rips them off; and the way her facial expression and stance change through the course of the animation comes off as natural. This is a good example of eye candy!
I can't forget the dialogue too; like Dou's, it comes sexy, but there is a hint of innocence and cuteness to it, too. I personally believe they're baeutiful Baozi, you have nothing to feel bad about yourself, you cutie :3
I'm deeply enjoying these new bunch of characters you have been making Diives: they're all wonderful! I honestly can't wait to see the next of them. You truly know how to make likeable and attractive characters Diives. That alone makes you a great character creator and designer, not only in my eyes, but I'd dare to say that to all of your fans, too!

did she just ripoff her dress????
i hope thats it was a cheap dress