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Reviews for "Vortonox - Deep Space"

Very good vibe

So this was a nice vibe you have going on here some fantastic sound it was different and unique and you have a nice talent in putting it together, I have no major changes or suggestions as it was a fantastic piece, and do hope you make more as this was awsome.

I have no major changes or suggestions as it was a fantastic piece


Vortonox responds:

Thank you :)

Nice song

Vortonox responds:


Well, this is actually ok.
The sound design and the drums are good but you have too many off pitched elements that makes the song not enjoyable.
By the time you'll be able to make decent melodys, keep it up!

Vortonox responds:

Check my track Gravity. It's in the same key throughout the whole song.

Good, I like those sounds

Vortonox responds:

Thx :)

So crisp hi-hats at the start there! Overall the sound quality here is just crazy good, though when it hits the 1:20 mark... man, things start mixing together a bit too much there. I lose the mood a bit. Starts great but doesn't really build the way I hoped, and the girls + deep space theme hmmm...


Vortonox responds:

Oh thx bro