Reviews for "Rig - 8-bit Village"


should get more songs

or at least a remix


Rig responds:

You know, I really should. :)

this shit is the shit!!!

WOW i love it...
best song ever.. its my ringtone.. peopole ask and i explain who it is and they look confused (its Rig from Negrounds check it)
thank you... heard it on riddle skool ||| and i had to have it......

the stars wont go past 10////

Rig responds:

hahaha, your ringtone? Awesome! :D


THIS IS AN AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!now i feel like playing mario

Rig responds:

Then play, man, play!

Awesome, reminds me of when video games costed so little, and they were non-addictive, and just plain fun.

Minecraft was real 8 - 32 bit this be it!