Reviews for "Rig - 8-bit Village"


Adorable. Has a nice bouncy feeling too it. Would work well as both a village and an ending theme for a game.

I was reminded of Topple Village in Final Fantasy Adventure, for some reason.

*hank starts dance*

me: OMG. hank: *stares at me wierd then shoots me in the faic and continues to dance*

Smiling 8-bit tiles skipping merrily to their BGM

[] <> <> []
[]\_____/ []
[] \ ___/ []

This is what they would look like. :P

Rig responds:

boing boing

this shit is the shit!!!

WOW i love it...
best song ever.. its my ringtone.. peopole ask and i explain who it is and they look confused (its Rig from Negrounds check it)
thank you... heard it on riddle skool ||| and i had to have it......

the stars wont go past 10////

Rig responds:

hahaha, your ringtone? Awesome! :D

Ooh, catchy!

This is quite simply one of the best 8 nit styled songs I've heard in ages. It loops pretty well, but there's a bit of a gap. I know, making loops is hard as hell, but i just though I should point that out. It's not enough to keep me from fifening, favoriting, downloading, and putting this in my playlist though. Very nice work!

Rig responds:

There isn't a gap - it's the NG player. :)