Reviews for "Rig - 8-bit Village"

Wait, does the screen do different things if you move your curser around on it? I would really like to know. Just love the music though...
:' ))))

This has just become my personal background music .....its like in a video game man.....me doing stuff,and this song plays for like one hour straight .... AWESOME !!!! 5\5 (voting power of 6.09)

Whenever I listen to this...

If I'm in a bad mood I can't help but put on a cheesy smile as I bob my head to this. It's just... cheery. It reminds me of 8bit soundtracks that I used to hear whenever I played older games.

Awesome, reminds me of when video games costed so little, and they were non-addictive, and just plain fun.

People (like me) are still writing about how good this song is 5 years after it was made. Whoa. That just says something...