Reviews for "Rig - 8-bit Village"

liked it!

perfect title, btw.

Rig responds:

Thanks! I made it for a guy who didn't use it :'(


should get more songs

or at least a remix


Rig responds:

You know, I really should. :)

Beep beeep beep

Beep beeep beep.
A listened to the other stuff you did and this is soooOoOoo much better ^^.
Beeep beeep

Rig responds:

This is the only 8-bit-ish song I've uploaded :P
I should do more. Thanks!

X3 Sweet!

What a nice little song. X3 It's cute! I love it!

Rig responds:

lol, it sure is. Thanks!


it sounds very good. but where did you get the 8-bit sounds?? they are so awesome!!

Rig responds:

Made 'em my self in FL Studio with 3xOsc! :D