Reviews for "Rig - 8-bit Village"

This is amazing

I really do like this a lot, What VST did you use??

Rig responds:

3xOsc. :3
I ran it through a bitcrusher and a touch of distortion.

0.0 --> =D

For some reason when I hear this little jig I think of Animal Crossings. Good times. Nice song btw, it's so happy ^^
It's what everything lacks today xD

Rig responds:

Yay for happy 8-bit happiness! :D


This would fit in perfectly with that Pikachu surfing game on Pokemon Yellow

Rig responds:

Never played it, but thanks for the props!

lol nice

nice lol perfect title, sounds like it belongs in a gameboy game,

Rig responds:

lol, it really should

well i'am on ice with this


Rig responds: