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Reviews for "Diacrisis Front Cover"


Looks too cool.

I like! Her mood is perfect. And her large mouth is all business. Her eyes are piercing and direct. nice.

looking good.

I love this cover, it has a more of a complete feel and more appealing look to it compared to the first cover. I would have to say tho, that I wish you didn't smear the face and hair, it the blur makes his lips and hair looks unfinished/incomplete or undone. If that face was just clear to see, it would of been a 5 out of 5 for me. But Excellent job and keep it up. Your doing wonderful with your work.
Review- Now that I look back on it, it needs a lot more work for it to be done or finished. But I still say that it looks good. It just need to be clear and crisp.