Reviews for "Gruesome and Bothersome"

Those are the the faces of evil. :'D. Great work on this!

I really like the artstyle and the overall composition of this piece of art, great job. c:

This looks so cool!!! I love the style

Fantastic! Truly amazing piece of art. I love everything about this, your own style of lines and bulges combined with the extreme dark and scratchy shading from all characters look phenomenal.

I can't find a single proportion mitake because they all blend so well with your drawing style, they are supposed to look exagerrated and blocky and you managed to blend them all perfectly. Great choice of palletes, nothing too forcefully bright or too terribly dark.

Amazing, if I were to admire the details, I'd say I love the fabric details on waluigi's gloves, their teeth shapes are so well thought out and they blend so well with their body shapes. Waluigi's pointy facial features and wario's roundier distributions are very well designed. Super well accomplished. I like the shape of the piranha plant's tongue, very stretchy and gross looking with the pimples on top. Disgust successfully achieved, lol.

The dried look of this is absolutely gorgeous to contemplate and the "asphalt" texture after touch for the whole piece looks very appealing. It must've taken you much effort to reach this artistic level of awareness and creativity.

That's why my final rating for you sir is a full on 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for this quick and fun ride.

Is nice.