Reviews for "-´Vexeta`-"

Very nice!

Hey man, Im digging the beat and the souns of this song. Its a good length, Its something, I think, eveyone can rave to and its just got a good vibe to it. I do have a suggestion though. Instead of using the same cord repeating itself and just mixing them in different sounds, try using two or three different cords and mix them all up to create something unexpected yet creative. I know its harder do rather then to say, my friend and I create synth music too but we try different things and we found that some sound really kick ass. Anyway, I still like the songs and I hope you keep them coming, but just give the Idea some thought, play around some ya know, your choice.

Keep up the beat!



1 L0v 73cHn0!!!;p


1 word "AWESOME! " :)

number one

This should be number one. Great song. Best trance I've heard in a while. What program do you use to make it?


Nice tone and very catchy, I think this one belongs in firt place.