Reviews for "-┬┤Vexeta`-"

i know youre just human,

but when you listen to this song you are able to truly see perfection and emotion now i have seen this in many songs but this has what i love the most,originality. Its as beautiful as watching a sunset but as powerful as a hurricane.

perfection in

this song has perfection in notation the order that you put the notes in makes it extreemly moving
10/10 5/5 download

An intriguing melody

Favourite part of the song was at 1:17 when that little stop came in with the effect. Haha i noticed a preset at 1:39. Lolz. good song anyhow. Well thats all i got to say.

Good...but work to be done.

I like this song quite a but there are a couple issues that I have with it. It may just be my style but I think that if you had a slightly more driving beat it might help the song out. You have some bass but there's no throbbing beat which you feel more than hear. A throbbing beat can sometimes get people to fall into the song more than they would otherwise. Other than that it was a pretty good song. Perhaps a tiny bit more instrument variation as well.

lovin n downloaded

yay! great work man!