Reviews for "-´Vexeta`-"

Nice job!

Im diggin it!

This uses presets, right?

You used presets didn't you? Parts of Vertex ß sound exactly like the main synth line, but with a different instrument. I don't really like songs with obvious presets, but oh well. I must admit, it is pretty catchy!

tkrow is a meenie!!

its true what he said (i woodnt use thoze wurds..) but thats a good thing in my mind!

true except for "using 2 many interludes"


There are way too many interludes and you are completely re-using the same melody throughout three and a half minutes. If you developed more on this song it would be perfect. Perhaps a remastered version?

However, the general effect of this song is a good one so I'll give you a 4/5 and 8/10. I think I heard the melody before, but that's probably the haters getting to me. It's probably original.


i love the way this one sounds