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Reviews for "(The Stranger)"

pretty cool :)

I like the seperation stereo-wise here :) The drums could use a bit more punch, but overall kickass job. The solos were silky smooth and the rhythm guitar was really beefy : ]

keep it up man


Jesus Christ man!!! Do you ever stop kicking ass? But seriously you are one of the best artist on newgrounds and possible in this generation. Keep creating music and I'll keep listening.

Rock on!!

This song is so cool!


O_O NICE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEH! ROCK 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick Riffs!

I have no clue what Aci6 is talking about, This song flows very nicely and has a very energetic beat. I may be wrong but it seems to me that Aci6's problem is that he isn't use to listening to Hard rock or rock in general where it's common for a song to sound all over the place if one isn't use to the genre. For me I can easily see (hear) the flow of the song and it is awesome. The way the riffs of the guitar go makes me want to grab my Gibson and rock out along side the beat. It's very hardcore in my opinion, the drums complement (did I use the right word?) the riffs really good as well.

You didn't use a bass in this song did you? It may be the speakers on my laptop aren't picking it up if you did but if you didn't you should of, the bass would of enhanced the song making it even more epic then it already is.

What guitar did you use and what tuning? awesome song, I love it.