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Reviews for "(The Stranger)"

Fuck yeah!

Top notch, except the guitars seemed a bit panned to the right. Either that, or the left channel for the guitars was severely muted. Anyway, kickass metal right here!


Mate i've heard a lot of great music but this is going to my favourites and staying their.


This kicks ass. I like the solos, you have feeling behind what you play, I like that very much. I hate it when it's all about playing fast, and no feeling. I think you have great technique. Keep rockin'!


Jesus Christ man!!! Do you ever stop kicking ass? But seriously you are one of the best artist on newgrounds and possible in this generation. Keep creating music and I'll keep listening.


Hey there man, good redone version of a "classic". I have to say, I enjoyed it very much...with some glitches though. The audio clipped...a lot, pretty unusual for your stuff. What was wrong? Wrong eq on the guitar? Bass? Speaking of bass, I missed the bass drum. It was there...somewhere...but not really "there" you know.

Other than that, sweet guitar work as always. A shitkicker! Apart from the let-downs - still get's my 5.