Reviews for "Fantasies of Yonder"

wow .........shocked.................AMAZING


Epitaph64 responds:

hehe thanks :D

um... what more can i say than wow...

I got it now, this song seems to be upbeat and bright, but have a erie feeling follow it around... I would love to see this go into a game somewhere...

Epitaph64 responds:


Nicely done

i agree with kranaga with the video game thing, all this needs is like the sounds of people getting killed lol, but all in all, its awesome

Epitaph64 responds:

haha thx

I apparently never heard this one before today. Pretty awesome though :D

i really liked it!

i hope this gets good score i did my part, raised it to above three +0.24. hope you make more like this.

Epitaph64 responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it was sniped within 5 minutes of submitting...