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Reviews for "Episode 43 - ACOCk Community Talk #3"

I am so so sorry

WonderSchwifty responds:

I wanted lowkey to animate your say tbh . Unironically wanted to do

BigTexasTony responds:

It's ok boomer :)

fun episode to be part of
still my improv needs some improv(ment)
missed music but we got that mini live play
lol the end is always chaotic but fun(i thought we where going to sing ocean man)
thank you for the podcast and everyone who joined

Tiltro responds:


this movie is a load of bologna

Tiltro responds:

Hey banging my bongo, what are you talking about? Haha, you can’t reply. I’m sorry.

That improv tho <3
That awkward moment(s) tho <3
That banjo tho <3
That inconsistent community mic quality tho <3

i fucking love this.

Thanks for the shoutout. ADVENTure in da house