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Reviews for "Azure Reveries"


I like it! The pad in the mid section of the song sounds more like a house instrument then something for ambience, however i dont know how anyone could mistake it for "futuristic techno funk" or even techno, seeing as ambience is a subgenre of techno, and seeing as you labeled it ambience. dot dot dot... anyway, I do like it and you should make something like it using some varied drum beats, thats really the only thing I can think of to make it sound better. 5/5 from me


I loved it up to 0:31 then it degraded for me. Then it got good at 1:39 about and stayed good till the end. I'm not really a musician so i cant advise..at all really but if you ask me if you do something else with 0:32 --> 1:38ish bit then it'll be better.

The general feel of the middle bit i was reffering to suits it but theres still..something off i thought, maybe if you got rid of the drums after 0:31 and just let the one sound act as the contrast and then reverted back to them.
Also the ambient music in the middle bit that starts at 0:32 needs to be a little more varied in the pitch? all it does when you listen to it is step up then step down a few times and then remains constant likea fly buzzing which actually for that sound was getting annoying.

Regarding this being techno, it has the feel of that but if you ask me it has an ambient feel as well problem is its not obvious because of the drums in the middle stage where the ambient music sets in, maybe..^^ who knows.

this is ambience?

it has more of a futuristic techno funk to it. needs to be somewhere else. still a really good song. 8 out of 10 for wrong category. 5 out of 5 for the music.

nice music

the music is really nice, but, if you take real instrument, it can be better? i think you need to try. This is to much futurist for the theme.