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Reviews for "-┬┤Vexophase`-"

this wow

this and Vexeta are one of my favorites wow so disco!you new fan.simsda.

Okay, I'm voting you lower on this one.

I really think you're either using presets here or you stole the melody from Vertex Beta, since more of the melody from that song is here. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, but seeing as this was posted in 2007 and Vertex Beta has been around since 2005... of course, I can't say you didn't post it anywhere else before NG unless you link to the original post of the song...

Better than Vexeta

The intro was way better, though it once again sounded unclean (the piano). Anyway, I think the main melody is just as good (rofl it's teh same). This song provides more variation and that's what makes it better. Though once again it's composed of too many interludes, and it is using the same melody the whole time. Though there is more variation, so I'll give you a 9/10. Who knows though? People like Britney Spears and there is zero variation in her music. You have mighty potential, seriously, try to make a mastered version, with a whole lot of variation, while keeping a main melody, instead of switching instruments with the same melody. Know what I mean?

Nice intro.

This and Vexeta are my favorites,
you have talent.

your new fan,
Supra Addict

despite what the others say...

I really do think Vextophase is better than Vexta. Mainly because of Vextophase's kick-ass intro, which Vexta dosen't have. also, this song is perfect for a character I created called Magnolia.

5/5 and 10/10. Awesome!

DavidKracht responds:

Sequels doesen't allways have to be better, some people think it is, some don't. It's completely up to mankind =)