Reviews for "-(WB)-8-Bit Warlords"


this is definately a new style of 8-bit. although some of the drums dont sound 8-bit in any way, the song still kicks ass.
i really like the snare drumroll you did with the 8-bit snare though, made me laugh in a good way. awesome song, thanks, im DLin it

WritersBlock responds:

lol, cheers


this sounds like one of those fantasy, rpg 8-bit games like zelda and the like very good though nice use of the beats and notes too short for my tastes though.

WritersBlock responds:

Looking back on it, I'm sure this could have been a lot better, rather than presets use the actual sound waves and bitcrushed percussion. Not a "real" chiptune. Thanks for the support.


I think I've heard this before, just havent taken the time to review. good song.

WritersBlock responds:

Well, thanks for the review this time. =P



WritersBlock responds:

If I feel inspired, I'll make a proper 8-Bit original. I haven't done one for a while, so it sounds like a good idea. Thanks!


It's great! I've never really heard much 8 Bit music but I think it's cool. One thing is that the drums give you an earache after awhile.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, it's pretty average, for an 8-bit tune, doesn't really stay true to the 8-bit style, I think some of the synths I used weren't 100% authentic, and the drums, even more so, I could probably redo it a lot better, but it's old and not really worth picking up again.
Thanks for the review.