Reviews for "-(WB)-8-Bit Warlords"


A nice oldskool wartheme, heh. Great rythem, great progress all through the track. Sounds nice and neat. Keep up the good work!


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review!

perc unstable, synths work well, a bit repetetive.

Nice selection of synths, right away I noticed what you used worked well together. I also noticed that the percussion section was again on the unstable side this time. Those rapid firing snares didn't really do much for me, if you're going to have them fire off that quickly, one idea you can try is to have their volume increase with each note, if you are using fruity, right click on the mouse, starting from the first note, click about halfway, and then without lifting your finger, drag the cursor to the top of the volume window at the last snare hit. This should automatically set the volume for each snare note so that it increases gradualy.

If you're not using Fruity Studio's, I don't know what to tell you :/

In any case, the synths all worked well together, albeit still repetetive, it does present some diversity.

Another thing to consider now is pads. Pads give songs a very satisfying thickness to them, try some out, I assure you, you will love them!

Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

WritersBlock responds:

Lol, thanks MR, I said I was going to go back and respond to your reviews, and I slacked off a bit there. These reviews of yours were probably some of the first genuine critical reviews I recieved on NG.


this is definately a new style of 8-bit. although some of the drums dont sound 8-bit in any way, the song still kicks ass.
i really like the snare drumroll you did with the 8-bit snare though, made me laugh in a good way. awesome song, thanks, im DLin it

WritersBlock responds:

lol, cheers