Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"


Ahh god thats great, i'm glad i found this piece! Now thats a crazy explicit graphic story!

Your rythm and ryhme is impressive, very impressive.

CRAZY!!!!! 5/5 10/10

What did I tell you "Tim Burton Movie" might have to tweek the lyrics down unless
he writes a RATED "R" movie. This is hilarious!!! .... yet disturbing!


wow lol your voice just doesnt seem to be the type to make these kind of songs but it is great lol


Well that was interesting. Somehow I feel disgusting from the experience but I can't stop laughing. The way the song sounds is very interesting. Its really fast paced, but takes a while for a dramatic buildup. Then you come to the really interesting part, that confuses at first then covered up by laughter. I hope you make another one like this or Hypnotize just because the world needs it.

the sad thing is...

i somtimes think about necrophilia... not about doing it... but about why people would do it... this song answers a lot of questions... however im pretty damn sure hania doesnt know any of this first hand

STILL... this song is CREEPILY FANTASTIC... 10/10 and 5/5