Reviews for "Necro (explicit language)"


This song is friggin hilarious!!! I absolutely love it!

Wow. Epic.

This song is really a guilty pleasure, it's really interesting. And you have a really moody and haunting voice, which I really like.
And you weren't kidding about the explicit language, you really made me blush at the end of the song.


Yeah.. thats the word.. really didint expect this sorta stuff form you, esp when ur the author of cuddle puff, one would be inclined to think and expect.. well.. cuddly stuff? Nonetheless i enjoyed the music, talk about Angel lust.. haha! But at the same time.. there was some real emotion behind the song.. having heard Tomorrow and now this.. i can only presume it was written about one and the same person. There are no words to sooth the death of a former freind/lover/parent/sibling.. there can only be understanding and faith : ) cheer up dearest, you can bring much love and joy in this world with your music i know it does for my lil corner of the world


Amazing how you can make so different tipes of songs and be good in all of them.

i came.

Haha! :D

This is lovely! Someone over at my favorite 'chan mentioned this submission by author and title in a topic about "Necrophilia music" and I remembered you made that Bicycle Robot song recently I'm still listening to every now and then, so I rushed over and so... i came. xD

Such a small world we live in! =)